Drawing doodle to depict a dirty website address
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Websites and advertising, whilst central to business models and success, are likely to be overlooked from a net zero and sustainability perspective. Are they even a consideration yet?

Being a conscious consumer is becoming more fashionable in that it allows for tangible, outward behaviours and decisions to validate that identity.

An illuminated sign with the words: ‘This is who I am’ written
Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Let’s break convention; strip away all the labels, statuses and expectations and focus on the blank canvas of endless possibilities to describe our self and who we’d like to become.

At face value it’s a simple enough question to answer.

But is it?

Do I just lead with my name…

Christian Turner

Husband, Father to 1 — lazy writer, marketing professional, recovering social media addict….trying to find more quiet time in this noisy world

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