Childhood cancer treatment effects — aged 6

I’ve never consciously shied away from talking about this, but I imagine my subconscious may have actively pulled on the brakes at times, as recounting memories of trauma doesn’t always leave you feeling too great.

Drawing doodle to depict a dirty website address
Image by author

Websites and advertising, whilst central to business models and success, are likely to be overlooked from a net zero and sustainability perspective. Are they even a consideration yet?

Being a conscious consumer is becoming more fashionable in that it allows for tangible, outward behaviours and decisions to validate that identity.

A mobile phone screen showing two emails are within the mailbox
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For those not familiar, Pavlov was one of the godfathers of behavioural conditioning and was famous for an experiment with dogs whereby he would ring a bell and then feed the dogs. …

Dumpster bin with books on the top, with the quote on the side ‘Think before you speak, read before you think”
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It’s human nature that when you find something of great value or appreciation that you want to share it with others. I often find some of the most interesting and inspiring discoveries from other people, that they then curate and share.

So here are five things that I find noteworthy…

Office environment with the quote ‘punch today in the face’ written on the wall
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Whether born out of remote working or just a mid thirties curiosity, I’ve been a bit obsessed with productivity lately. I’ve been turning the pages of a number of books: ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport, ‘Digital Minimalism’ (Cal Newport again), ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear and ‘Think Like a Monk’…

An illuminated sign with the words: ‘This is who I am’ written
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Let’s break convention; strip away all the labels, statuses and expectations and focus on the blank canvas of endless possibilities to describe our self and who we’d like to become.

At face value it’s a simple enough question to answer.

But is it?

Do I just lead with my name…

Apartment building with painted words on the side ‘How are you, really?’
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Sometimes taking a step back and conducting a life or mental health inventory can unearth thoughts and feelings that you might never have contemplated before. Like many, although some of the taboo around mental health has gone, I still don’t always find it easy to open up. …

Our success as writers is subjective to our own personal definition of exactly what that means for us individually.

Scrunched up piece of paper with ideas written on it
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I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve read on medium telling me how much I can earn from writing on the platform. …

A young child skimming stones at the beach
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As a child I remember trips to the coast and being given lessons in how to select the perfect stone for skimming. The joy in finding that smooth, impeccably shaped stone and then seeing it skip across the top of the surf and the competition among siblings and friends of…

Would you be more willing to share your data if you could be rewarded for it?

two women looking at multiple security cameras
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

For so long now we’ve ignorantly or knowingly in some cases given away our data, online behaviour, preferences and interests for free. …

Christian Turner

Husband, Father to 1 — lazy writer, marketing professional, recovering social media addict….trying to find more quiet time in this noisy world

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